Tujuan Pendidikan Agama Kristen Sebagai Kontra Algoritma Sosial Media Pengamplifikasi Dosa

29-Article Text-363-1-10-20230510
Ong Grace Quarissa Hadinata, Timotius Sukarna

Abstract The development towards sophisticated social media is inevitable. Algorithms for curating content are a common feature of most social media. However, the algorithm raises new problems such as filter bubble situations and echo chamber effects. The impact is the amplification of sin or the human flesh in cyberspace realm called digital sin. So it is necessary to review the purpose of Christian Educatio, which is used as a counter to the problem. The results of the research using descriptive analysis method show that implementation of Christian Education according to its real purpose is a solution to the problem because Christian Education always relevant to the struggles faced by humans from all ages, including today with the struggles of social media algorithms and their various negative impacts.

Keywords: Social media algorithm, filter bubble, echo chamber, sin, Christian Education