PAK Reform Through Educational Technology

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R. Marsaulina, Rajiman Andrianus Sirait
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The current teaching and learning process is indeed required for teachers and students to be able to understand technological developments. Teachers must be able to innovate in their learning through e-learning technology, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In learning Christian Religious Education there is also a need for reform through technology that can be used for smooth learning and teaching processes. This writing was made using a qualitative description method by looking at current needs, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. Since the beginning of human history, science and technology have begun. Technology is already known to humans, but not as sophisticated as it is now. The e-learning system is something that must be done in today’s era. Where psychologically the majority of people have communicated, and searched for information electronically. So it is necessary to design a creative curriculum that does not eliminate important content that must be conveyed. In Christian Religious Education Media (PAK) using technology is something that cannot be avoided and must be based on God’s Word. In using technology, the PAK teacher must be wise and in this case technology must be used to please God. With media technology, its application is even easier for both a PAK teacher and students.